Market Authorization

Bond issuance & trading platform approved by PBC

As a technical support agency, approved by PBC, for the centralized book-building system of debt financing instruments of non-financial enterprises, CFAE provides technical support, information disclosure and information security management for bonds issued through the centralized book-building system.

Approved by PBC, CFAE provides technical support and information for qualified non-financial institutional investors to conduct bond investment and trading via the qualified non-financial institutional investor trading platform.

Platform designated by MOF for state-owned financial assets trading

CFAE is a platform for trading of state-owned financial assets as authorized via MoF Decree No. 54. According to the Administrative Measures for Transfer of State-owned Assets of Financial Enterprises (MOF Decree No. 54.), the transfer of state-own property rights of non-listed financial enterprises should be conducted in a legal-based property right transfer agency at provincial level or above, and shall not be subject to region, industry, contributions or affiliation.

Trading platform designated by NAFMII

CFAE is a trading platform designated by NAFMII. NAFMII supports CFAE to participate in innovation and R&D of financial products, as well as issuance and trading of innovative products and financial instruments on CFAE’s trading platform. It also encourages its members to conduct financial assets trading at CFAE.

Market-based debt-to-equity swap assets trading place and "Market-Based Debt-to-Equity Swap Information Reporting Platform" authorized by six ministries and commissions

CFAE is the "Market-Based Debt-to-Equity Swap Information Reporting Platform" authorized by six ministries and commissions. According to the Notice of Finance Department of NDRC ([2018] Reference No. 826), CFAE is authorized by the "Office of Joint Inter-ministerial Meeting for Actively and Steadily Reducing Enterprise Leverage Ratio" to provide technical support and operational maintenance for the Market-Based Debt-to-Equity Swap Information Platform, responsible for the development, operation, maintenance and safety of the platform, as well as opening of registration platform account, business training and market promotion.

CFAE is the market-based debt-to-equity swap assets trading place authorized by six ministries and commissions. According to the Document No. 1174 [2019] of General Office of NDRC, CFAE is allowed to engage in trading of debt-to-equity swap assets in compliance with laws and regulations so as to optimize its working mechanism, promote and enhance the liquidity of debt-to-equity assets, enable debt-to-equity enterprises to improve their corporate governance, and boost increment, coverage expansion and quality enhancement of market-based debt-to-equity swap.