Hungary issued RMB Bond at CFAE
source:CFAE       time:2017-07-31

On July 26th, 2017, Hungary 2017 Series 1Renminbi Bond was successfully issued through "NAFMII Integrated Business and Information Service Platform" on CFAE, with an issue amount of RMB 1 billion for a maturity of 3 years. It was the first foreign sovereign government Renminbi bond issued through Bond Connect, facing domestic and foreign investors.

Hungary is the first European country to sign a cooperation document with China on the Belt and Road Initiative, playing a leading role in jointly building the Belt and Road. The issuance of the RMB-denominated sovereign bond by Hungary will be instrumental in further strengthening the financial cooperation between China and Hungary, deepening their bilateral relationship, and enabling implementation of the Belt and Road strategy, which is also of positive significance to the further opening-up of China's bond market.