Business Overview

1.State-owned financial assets trading service

As the state-owned financial assets trading platform authorized via MoF Decree No. 54, CFAE provides open trading of equities and property right assets for all kinds of financial institutions, including qualification examination of trading parties, information disclosure, transfer registration, organizing of bidding and trading settlement. Upholding the principle of openness, fairness and justice, CFAE has enabled market-based pricing of financial assets by means of standard trading flow and rigorous risk management, so as to ensure the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets value, and maximize the interest of all market participants.

2.Non-performing financial assets trading service

CFAE provides comprehensive transfer services for assetmanagement companies,insurance companies,trust companies anotherfinancial institutionsto disposeOTtheinonperforming creditor "s right assets,including assets duediligence,market quotation, organizing of tendering andbidding and auetion services. CFAE also provides a publictrading platform for commercial banks to batch dispose of theirnon performing assets.

3.Service for trading of market-based debt-to-equity swap assets

Office of Joint Inter-ministerial Meeting for Actively and Steadily Reducing Enterprise Leverage Ratio entrusted and guided CFAE on November 22, 2017 to build the Market-Based Debt-to-Equity Information Reporting Platform and issued an official document on December 21, 2019 approving the status of CFAE as the platform for trading of debt-to-equity assets. Accordingly, CFAE has built a system for trading of debt-to-equity assets, enabling full alignment with the Market-Based Debt-to-Equity Information Reporting Platform, and contributing to the increment and quality enhancement of market-based debt-to-equity swap as well as to the supply-side reform.

4.Equity trading service for house leasing enterprise

Guided by PBC, CFAE provides standardized information registration and disclosure services for eligible house leasing enterprise by following the policy stating that housing is for living in, not for speculation, while providing house leasing enterprises with professional services for enhancing asset circulation and fund allocation efficiency. 

5.Service for outbound transfer of non-performing loans of domestic banks

After filing as required in the Practice Guidelines for the Pilot Program of Outbound Transfer of Domestic Credit Assets in Beijing issued by State Administration of Foreign Exchange Beijing Administrative Office (SAFE Beijing Administrative Office), CFAE has been approved by SAFE Beijing Administrative Office to become an agency for the pilot program of outbound transfer of non-performing loans of domestic banks operating in Beijing. Besides, it has formulated and released the Operation Guidelines of Beijing Financial Assets Exchange for Overseas Institutions’ Participation in Trading of Non-Performing Assets (Credit Assets) of Domestic Financial Enterprises (Trial) so as to engage in the pilot of outbound transfer.